Pharmacy mcqs

Q: Which of the following drugs is (are) sulfon- amides?

(a) :  mafenide
(b) :  tacrolimus
(c) :  tramadol
(d) :  busulfan
(e) :  milrinone
Answer:  mafenide
Explanation:   Mafenide (Sulfamylon) is a bacteriostatic agent that is active against many gram-positive and gram-negative organisms. Topical products containing mafenide are applied to 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns in order to reduce the chance of infection and increase the speed of healing.

Q: A radiopharmacist prepares a solution of 99mTc (40 mCi/mL) at 6:00 AM. If the solution is intended for administration at 12:00 noon at a dose of 20 mCi, how many mL of the original solution are needed? (The half-life of the radioisotope is 6 hours.)

(a) :  0.5 mL
(b) :  1.0 mL
(c) :  1.5 mL
(d) :  2.0 mL
(e) :  5.0 mL
Answer:  1.0 mL
Explanation:   Because the time interval between preparation and administration is 6 h, and the half-life of the radiopharmaceutical is 6 h, approximately one-half of the original strength has decayed. Therefore, 1 mL of the solution now assaying at 20 mCi/mL is needed.

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