Pharmacy mcqs

Q: Vehicles for nasal medications should possess all of the following properties EXCEPT

(a) :  an acid pH
(b) :  isotonicity
(c) :  high buffer capacity
(d) :  ability to resist growth of microorgan- isms
(e) :  all of the above are important properties; no exceptions
Answer:  high buffer capacity
Explanation:  Both ophthalmic and nasal preparations hould have only mild buffer capacity so that he organ's natural buffer system can overcome any pH differences. Otherwise, irrita- ion might result. Nasal preparations usually have a pH in the range of 5.5 to 6.5. Often, phosphate buffers are used. Rendering the nasal solution isotonic will decrease potential or damage to the local tissue. The presence of an antimicrobial preservative is important because there may be accidental contaminaion of the dropper o

Q: A health worker will inject the smallest volume of drug solution when using which one of the following routes of administration?

(a) :  intravenous
(b) :  intramuscular
(c) :  intrathecal
(d) :  intradermal
(e) :  subcutaneous
Answer:  intradermal
Explanation:   Intradermal injections are usually limited to diagnostic determinations, desensitization, or immunization into the forearm. Usually only 0.1 mL volumes are used.

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