Q: Which of the following is (are) true of milri-none lactate (Primacor)? I. may be administered orally or parenter-ally II. produces a positive inotropic action III. produces vasodilation

(a) :  I only
(b) :  III only
(c) :  I and II only
(d) :  II and III only
(e) :  I, II, and III
Answer:  II and III only
Explanation:   Milrinone lactate (Primacor) and am-rinone lactate (Inocor) are classified as inotropic agents. They are used only par-enterally for the short-term treatment of con-gestive heart failure (CHF). They produce a positive inotropic effect (ie, they increase the force of cardiac contraction) and they pro-duce vasodilation.

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